IGM-06 in January 2020 in Boston

On january 14, to January 16 the IFMS Meeting will be taking place in

The Westin Boston, Waterfront Hotel

Participación de la FLISMET Latin American and Iberian Federation of Meteorological Societies

Purpose and Objective

To support and foster the spirit of union among the Societies.

  • To develop conferences, seminars, meetings and courses concerning Meteorology and Environment.

  • To develop relationships among similar entities.

  • To support members’ initiatives to contribute to scientific, technical and intellectual improvement.

  • To advocate for Professionals in Meteorology and their activities.

  • To watch for teaching and training freedom in the field of Meteorology.

  • To provide advice in the Meteorological field through its members to Governmental and International Institutions.

  • To foster the creation of National Meteorological Societies and their membership to the Federation.

  • To encourage environmental preservation.

  • To look for funding to support our activities


Country or Region: Latin America & the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Established Since: 1986


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